Frequency Sounds Logo

Frequency Sounds aims to supply the public with nothing else then the best in sound design and sound synthesis.
From Presets for Hardware Synths as well as Software Synth ''VST's" to Carefully crafted Sample Packs and Construction Kits.
All our supplied products come with extended documentation so you can put your purchases to its best possible use.
Also it's important to note that every single product that we supply has been triple checked for errors or other unwanted anomalies.
With over 20 year of experience in Sound Design and Sound Synthesis you can rest assured all products provided by Frequency Sounds are of the highest level in the industry.
We craft every sound or sample from scratch and are always looking for that one thing that makes every single one of them stand out.
When we start development of a new end product we always think about creating something that has never been done before.
By doing this we ensure that our products are always multiple steps ahead of the competition.

Frequrency Sounds Studio

Studio Gear List :

Our Main Studio is equipped with some of the best available equipment for Sound Design and Sample Design.
Here is a small part of some of the gear that we use for production of our end products :

Frequency Sounds Synthesizers

Hardware Synthesizers :

DSI Prophet 12 - Arturia Matrixbrute - Korg MS20 - Doepfer Dark Energy 2 - NonLinearlabs C15 - Creamware Minimax - Yamaha P115 - StudioLogic Sledge - Korg Kingkorg - Akai Miniak - Access Virus TI - Nord Lead 2X - Nord Lead 3 - Novation UltraNova - Novation Bass Station 2 - Korg MS2000 - Yamaha DX7 - Korg M1 - Korg DS8 - Casio CZ3000 And more.

Outboard Processing :

Focusrite Clarret 8PreX - Focusrite Clarret Ocotpre 2x - Manley Slam - Manley Massive Passive - Empirical Labs Distressor - SSL Bus Compressor - Peavey 24FX - Focusrite ISA430 MK2 - Neve 1073 - Thermionic Culture Vulture - Eventide H3000 And more.